The DungeonMaster G

Why craft your own modular dungeon tiles?

We can thank the global financial crisis for a large number of us having no money lying around for expensive terrain, but I just found that nothing suited what I wanted.

  • DwarvenForge terrain is cool, and sort of what I was after, but too pricey and you need a lot of it.
  • Preprinted dungeon tiles lack that 3d appeal and are quite boring most of the time
  • Hirst Arts moulds require money and take an age to cast a small dungeon
  • I love the random dungeon generation mechanics of Warhammer Quest and I enjoy Roguelike computer games
  • I wanted quick, dirt cheap and, most of all, reusable
  • I also like the idea of dungeons built logically and to a discernable purpose (not things that have weird long corridors for no reason - it reminds me of Galaxy Quest when they have to overcome the stamping pylons in the bowels of the ship, why are they there?)
  • DM Scotty almost got there with The DM's Craft - a lot of this is inspired by his YouTube channel and he is a credit to the game
  • I wanted to create something myself that I could share and take some pride in
  • I can't stand grids in D&D, but understand the desire for uniform representation of size and scale. 1 inch = 5 foot. In my case I use metric 25mm = 5 foot (as almost all RPG rule books are in feet, but I live in a metric world). I wanted grid compatibility, but not be married to it.
  • dungeon entrance door
  • Finally I believe in free form Dungeon Mastery. Creating a skeletal structure to a quest, story and campaign. Where the Players determine the direction. The ability to build a dungeon in a few minutes is important, even a small town and represent it convincingly in front of players with the tactile feel of miniature terrain.

This site and my YouTube channel will serve to expand heavily on the above "philosophy" or "manifesto". I have a few rules I impose on myself and my players, do not feel obliged to follow all of them as they help my creative process, but you may feel restricted. Thank you for your time, now go get Dungeoneering!