Cave Wall Backdrop (Crafted) #001 PDF

A cave wall backdrop PDF crafted and photographed

Cave Wall Backdrop (Crafted) #001 PDFDMGD1001

Crafted from aluminium foil and flexible modelling paste, the cave wall backdrop was crafted in 3D. This file is a photograph of that terrain applied to the standard Online Terrain Crafting System (OTCS) Wall.

This can be used either as a standard wall or further back on the backdrop slot on the OTCS stage. You can then craft 3D objects in front of it to create more of a sense of depth and character in your world.

The file can be printed on both letter and A4 stock and then cut out and assembled and pasted onto cardboard or foamboard as a backing. You will require the OTCS Stage, Wall and Floor PDF in order to build the required pieces.

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